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Banished by Brexit – the great marmite war

The polarity of the EU referendum started with its design of asking a very simple “in or out” question. Since then it has ignited debate and controversy within our towns and cities, within our communities and even within some families. The controversy continues with ongoing uncertainty about the legalities of the process and indeed what Brexit will even look like. ....more

Q4 Asset Allocation Update

Since the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union, currency markets have been volatile but most other major markets have been remarkably resilient. ....more

Clinton vs. Trump: what the US election means for investors

The US presidential race has already offered plenty of surprises with the remarkable rise of Donald Trump to Republican nominee and Hilary Clinton struck down with pneumonia. With the elections taking place in November, this paper discusses the stated policy-intentions of the respective candidates, what it could mean for markets, and ultimately the impact on your financial wealth. ....more

Hinkley Point: A risky bet on nuclear energy

Following a final six-week review and after agreeing a ‘golden share’ deal, the UK Government has given the green light to two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The controversial move will see the first new nuclear plant built in the UK for 20 years. ....more

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