10 Common Investing mistakes

Investing successfully is difficult and time consuming. In this guide EQ illustrates some simple errors made by many investors that can have a big impact on returns.

Guide Contents

Amongst the issues covered are:

  • Behavioural biases arising from the way our brains work, such as being unwilling to accept losses.
  • Portfolio management techniques such as diversification and regular rebalancing.
  • The dangers of jumping on bandwagons.
  • How to avoid scams.


EQ is a boutique wealth manager led by John Spiers, Founder of Bestinvest

John Spiers

For more than 30 years I have set out to provide a rigorous research based approach to investment, coupled with excellent client service.

Aligning interests

At EQ we make every effort to align our interests with those of our clients. EQ is wholly owned by staff, which means we are not chasing targets for growth set by external shareholders. Our main objective is to win praise for service and the value we have created for clients.

We already advise thousands of clients and have a thriving business that seeks to achieve more than just financial success. Our investment team is packed with talent and carrying out some of the best research that I’ve seen. Our financial planners are also highly qualified and well placed to help clients achieve their goals.
I’d like to invite you to become a client of EQ and to helping you achieve what you want with your money.

John Spiers

Chief Executive