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EQ is a full range financial advisory firm. We strongly believe that most people value the benefits of personal advice when dealing with their life savings. In this section we highlight some articles and case studies written by our award-winning technical team.

Retirement Planning

Using your savings well in retirement is one of the great challenges. The articles below highlight some of the most common issues.

Reviewing your Final Salary pension

Often described as the Gold Standard of pension schemes, these provide guaranteed benefits to those lucky enough to have them. However, guarantees are only as good as the organisation giving them and only worthwhile if they are relevant to you. ...more

All about Income Drawdown

This article explains the pros and cons of Income Drawdown and what this could mean for your retirement planning under the new pension freedom rules. ...more

Making a will

Many people do not think about writing a will until later in life, but especially for those with children we recommend doing this as soon as possible. ...more

Dan Atkinson

How long will you live?

For many years this has been largely a philosophical question, or a quandary for actuaries at insurance companies. However in the new world of pension flexibility in which an annuity is no longer compulsory it has become a critical question: which will last longer – our money or our life? ...more

EQ can create a personal financial plan for you.

Tax Planning

Tax can have a seriously negative impact on your investment returns, so it's well worth making full use of the various allowances and avoiding some tax traps.

Tax matters

How much tax do we pay? This page summarises the main rates and allowances. The current tax year runs from 6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018. ...more

Jeannie Boyle

Pros and cons of ISAs, GIAs and SIPPs

Making optimal use of tax allowances is essential for maximising your returns but you also need to take account of other factors such as flexibility if your plans change. In this analysis we show the pros and cons of the three most common types of investment account. ...more

Loss Relief can boost EIS returns

Unsuccessful EIS & SEIS investments are eligible for Loss Relief whilst the winners incur no CGT. Consequently a portfolio of winners and losers can produce a better return than one where the returns are identical. ...more

Use your ISA allowance

ISA tax benefits are all in the future but they can be considerable, especially for Higher and Additional Rate taxpayers ...more

EQ has developed a unique online tool for demonstrating the relative attractions of ISAs, SIPPs and Investment Accounts.

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