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Coronavirus update: business continuity planning

The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, and we are following the situation closely with a view to managing the risk sensibly and proportionately.

We have put in place precautionary measures to assure our continued business operations, and the safety of our clients and colleagues.

Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning is an important part of any business and ensures that our team and assets are protected and able to function quickly in the event of a disaster, such as a fire, cyber-attack or pandemic.

Since the beginning of February, we’ve been carefully reviewing our continuity plans with the coronavirus outbreak in mind, ready to initiate these plans as necessary. These include the following measures:

Measures to protect clients and employees

We have been following the advice of Public Health England [1] to ensure the well-being of our colleagues and clients. We have put several measures in place including:

Our priority is health and safety, and we are hopeful that broader government responses will ultimately restrict the further spread of the virus.

We are prepared however to implement additional business measures to further protect our clients and staff, and if instructed by government, to engage in other practices to help prevent further contagion.

Further questions

We will keep you updated as the situation develops. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact your usual EQ contact with any questions.