Autumn 2016 Newsletter

The latest news and views from EQ Investors. This autumn we are celebrating the fourth birthday of our Positive Impact Portfolios - ethical investment portfolios that aim to make a difference for society and for the environment.

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In this issue:

  • Introducing our new range of Income Portfolios: we are pleased to announce that we will soon be launching a new range of portfolios to help those requiring an income from their investments.
  • Meet the EQ team: Hayley Jarvis heads up our growing Employee Benefits practice at EQ. Here she explains how we are helping some of our corporate clients to help their staff.
  • Celebrating 4 years of Positive Impact: It’s been four years since we launched our Positive Impact portfolios and they have been a terrific success, both in terms of popularity and performance.
  • Looking for yield? Try Asset Backed Bonds: With conventional bond yields at record lows, more people are looking at alternative sources of income.
  • Fund in focus: the Worldwide Healthcare Trust is a thematic equity fund that we hold within our Bespoke portfolios. The trust allows us to access a theme with huge potential for growth, as well as one that is benefitting people across the world.
  • Final salary transfer values soar: previously seen as being only rarely suitable, final salary pension transfers are increasingly on the radar and in certain situations can be the right decision.
  • Hinkley Point: a risky bet on nuclear energy: following a final six-week review and after agreeing a ‘golden share’ deal, the UK Government has given the green light to two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The controversial move will see the first new nuclear plant built in the UK for 20 years.
  • Five reasons not to withdraw your pension cash: a recent survey found people are withdrawing their pension savings and depositing them in bank accounts. But by doing so they could face unexpected tax charges.
  • Obesity research study: the obesity crisis is gravely concerning, with one in four adults in the UK now classed as obese. Although this is a problem that is felt across the whole of society, it disproportionately affects the most disadvantaged.

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