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Climate Change: the risk of doing nothing

COP26 [1], the upcoming global climate change conference, will likely showcase governments taking ambitious steps to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon regulation, litigation, growing public pressure and technological innovation pose existential risks to carbon, and those businesses polluting most.

In this inevitable carbon crisis, decarbonisation is the only way forward. In this webinar we discuss how your clients’ wealth may be at risk if they continue to invest in portfolios lagging behind the transition; but also the opportunities and the investment case for companies leading the charge…


  1. Countdown to COP26 – Setting the scene of COP26, the risk of climate change and anticipated impacts on the global economy
  2. Carbon – Why should you care?
    • Carbon risk – Discussing carbon emissions and carbon risk management in portfolios
    • Climate Change Solutions – Discussing the solutions to climate change and the long-term investment opportunity they represent
    • Transition Companies – Discussing examples of companies aligning their business model to a low-carbon future vs companies potentially greenwashing.
  3. Can investing for a low carbon world help your clients generate good returns? What are the evidences?


The webinar lasts for one hour, including a 20 min Q&A session at the end.