Strategy Insight

Our series of Strategy Insight papers deliver analysis of key investment themes

What impact will the US election have on markets?

The US election is around the corner and the result will have important implications for investors. Read our thoughts on the potential outcomes.

Central Bank of Facebook

In this paper, we examine Facebook's response to cryptomania, via their own new currency. Just what is Libra, how is it different from other currencies and how might it affect you?

European Economy

Fold, stick or twist?

Swanning Around in credit

In this paper, we examine concern about corporate credit, and the projected slowdown in economic activity in 2019.

Value vs. growth update

In this paper, we look at the composition of our equity exposure and how the 'growth' & 'value' approaches will perform in the current market conditions

Brexit update

In this paper, we set out the different withdrawal scenarios, detail their probabilities and assess how asset classes may react, either favourably or unfavourably. The paper is split into three main sections which include an overview of the current situation, our investment conclusion and further background details which contextualise our conclusion.

Rising yields & the impact on equities

In this paper, we cover the rising yields since 2016, and the concerns we have for the future.

Late Cycle Investing

In this paper, we explore the business cycle, observing composite leading indicators, and adjusting your portfolio strategy.