Standard Life UK Ethical

A fund that looks to deliver a portfolio of UK stocks across the market cap spectrum that are chosen for their positive impact on society and the environment.


The manager will select stocks from a diversified basket of names which meet strict ethical criteria which is decided by the ethical committee. They will screen out stocks in negative sectors such as tobacco, armaments or human right abuses and will then look for companies that they regard as making a positive contribution to society, such as renewables and support services. The manager looks to build a portfolio of stocks which have attractive long term growth prospects. We like the fund due to the emphasis on a strict, criteria-based ethical process as well as being one of the best performing UK funds with an experienced manager.

Fund type: Asset class: Sector:
OEIC Equities UK

Fund Manager: Lesley Duncan

Lesley is a Fund Manager on the UK Equities desk, and has managed open ended as well as life and pension funds since 2004. Lesley brings over 20 years of experience in the industry, joining Standard Life as a Trainee Analyst in 1995 and working her way up to fund manager. Lesley had previous investment experience gained at Bothwell Asset Management, and holds a BA in Business Economics and Finance.

Fund Group: Standard Life Investments

Standard Life Investments is one of the UK’s largest asset managers, with over £269 billion of assets under management as of June 2016. The firm was launched in 1998 as a subsidiary of The Standard Life Assurance Company, one of the UK’s largest insurers which was itself founded in 1825, and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 as Standard Life PLC.

 Standard Life Investments is renowned for its expertise in Fixed Income, Equities, Property and Alternatives, running some of Europe’s largest and most popular investment products.