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The New Money pension manual

EQ investors has sponsored New Money’s [1] new pension manual. The manual is designed to assist you in becoming more aware and involved with your pensions. While few disagree on the importance of saving for retirement, less of us are willing to wade through reams paperwork to understand often complex and dull products. This is a problem. Pensions are one of the most powerful tools we have to affect mass global system change.

Rather than financing the futures of savers, though, the majority of this money is invested in main markets; which means fossil fuel producers, mining giants, tobacco companies and arms manufacturers, among other less-than positive corporate actors. To some of us, this won’t be news. To most of us, however, it will be. As a recent survey conducted by activist investor group Share Action showed, most Britons do not know their pensions are – in most cases – invested; let alone invested in companies that are antithetical to their values, everyday habits and future lives.

The time has come for system and – crucially – perception change. The New Money pensions manual aims to show every single saver and investor that they can affect positive change through their financial decisions. Global capital belongs to everyone, and it’s time everyone got a say in how it’s used.

Download your copy below, to find a variety of helpful and informative topics and advice pieces, including the following: