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Sable Wealth joins growing list of advisory firms recommending EQ Positive Impact Portfolios

Launched in 2012, the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios are designed for investors who:

Each investment within the portfolios is assessed against 38 evaluation criteria. The multi-asset portfolios can be used as standalone investment solutions or to complement other portfolios.

“Our Positive Impact Portfolios are an essential ingredient for investors with a strong ethical stance as they select funds which actively seek to deliver both social and environmental improvements, in addition to excluding sectors such as armaments and tobacco. Impact investing can be a great way to add diversification to a standard portfolio and we are particularly pleased with the performance of the portfolios over the last three years.” said John Spiers, CEO at EQ Investors.

“It is an investment area becoming more accessible to retail investors as the availability increases and we are seeing significant interest from clients and external advisers via platforms.”

Mike Abbott, Head of Sable Wealth commented: “Socially responsible investing is a highly complex area of investment management. The laudable goals of sustainable or ethical portfolio managers are complicated by the considerable variance in views on ethics and sustainability. Furthermore the screening process creates portfolio management challenges that need to be carefully monitored over time. EQ has done a great job of analysing the huge range of investment funds catering for various flavours of ethical preference to build risk profiled portfolios that will address the needs of most ethically minded investors.”

EQ’s specialist range of discretionary managed portfolios including the Positive Impact Portfolios are available on the following investment platforms: AJ Bell InvestCentre, Axa Elevate, Novia and Raymond James, with further additions due shortly.