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EQ’s primary positive impact is driven by our engagement with the asset management community. Reporting on impact as an integral part of the service we provide. We're constantly evolving the way we measure the impact of our investments, and use this information to inform our engagement strategy.

Engaging fund managers

Our investment team works collaboratively with investment managers to design new impact and sustainable strategies, and provides capital at launch gaining access to founder share classes with preferential fees. During the lifetime of a fund, EQ will engage collaboratively, encouraging managers to improve processes, engagement and reporting to increase intentionality, additionality and measurability.

Here are some examples of the fund managers we work with:

Driving sustainable change

In their turn, these fund managers engage with their underlying companies, improving their environmental, social and governance behaviour and reporting, and creating a virtuous circle of positive impact.

Many of the companies in the underlying portfolio are seen as leaders in their fields, providing products and services that solve environmental and social problems:

EQ’s has full look through to the underlying companies in its portfolios and maps these companies against the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Impact Management Project ABC classifications (portfolios are predominantly – c.75% – classified as C2).

Reporting on impact

Our Impact Report 2018 focuses on EQ’s Positive Impact model portfolios, and demonstrates that investing in companies making a positive impact results in exposure to high quality growing business. Whether you look at revenues, profits, or employees, the underlying companies in the EQ Positive Impact model portfolios are growing materially faster than those of the broader market. They are also investing significantly more in research and development, have a smaller carbon footprint, and source a higher proportion of their energy from renewables.

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This information is illustrative only, institutional clients with bespoke portfolios receive tailored impact/ESG reporting