EQ Model Portfolio: Best Ideas – Cautious

A cautious risk multi-asset portfolio constructed from funds most highly rated by EQ. In asset classes where we lack conviction in the skills of the active managers we will use passive funds.

Current Portfolio

Fund typeManaged by
Alternatives - Directional Trading
GAM Star Global RatesOEICAdrian Owens
A global macro fund that utilises government bond and currency strategies in an attempt to provide a positive return irrespective of market movements.
MontLake DUNN WMA Institutional UCITS FundOEICDr Daniel Dunn & Dr Roberto Osorio
A 100% systematic trend following program that is adaptive to the market risk environment and the trend characteristics prevalent at any time. The portfolio encompasses global financial, energy, metal and agriculture futures markets.
Alternatives - Long / Short
Man GLG Innovation EquityOEICPriya Kodeeswaran
GLG Innovation Alpha is a global equity market neutral fund with a focus on companies that are either innovating or rapidly changing. Often these companies will see significant dispersion of predicted earnings by the analyst community.
Old Mutual Global Equity Absolute ReturnOEICIan Heslop, Amadeo Alentorn and Mike Servent
A long / short market neutral strategy which aims to achieve a positive return irrespective of whether markets are rising or falling.
Alternatives - Multi Strategy
Blackrock Style AdvantageOEICKed Hogan & Philip Hodges
The BlackRock Style Advantage Fund is designed to provide attractive, diversified risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to the major equity and bond markets. The fund invests in a diverse set of long/short portfolios, each of which represents exposure to a specific “style factor” that has been proven to outperform over long time periods of time.
Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted ReturnOEICDavid Millar, David Jubb and Richard Batty
An absolute return mandate attempting to deliver positive returns over the medium term, regardless of market conditions.
Bonds - Flexible Bonds
Blackrock Fixed Income Global OpportunitiesOEICRick Reider, Scott Thiel and Bob Miller
A fixed income fund that invests in a broad range of bonds and fixed-income assets.
Fidelity Strategic BondOEICIan Spreadbury
A flexible fixed income fund that invests in across fixed income markets including high yield bonds, investment grade bonds, government bonds, preference shares and other bonds.
Janus Henderson Strategic BondOEICJohn Pattullo and Jenna Barnard
A fixed income fund that invests in higher yielding assets including high yield bonds, investment grade bonds, government bonds, preference shares and other bonds.
TwentyFour Dynamic BondOEICEoin Walsh and Gary Kirk
An unconstrained fixed income fund that invests in a broad range of bonds and fixed-income assets, managed by a team of industry veterans who were involved in the development of the fixed income markets over the last 25 years.
Bonds - Investment Grade
L&G Short Dated Sterling Corporate Bond IndexUnit TrustChad Rakvin
A fund that tracks the performance of investment grade sterling corporate bonds  with maturities of 1-5 years
Equities - Asia
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific LeadersOEICDavid Gait
The First State Asia Pacific Leaders Fund focuses on large cap stocks with a minimum market cap of $1bn. The fund utilises a team of 22 well-seasoned Asian equity specialists through a stable and well-defined process to uncover compelling stock ideas to construct a high conviction portfolio.
Equities - Emerging Markets
Hermes Global Emerging MarketsOEICGary Greenberg
An equity fund investing predominately in stocks of emerging market countries.
Equities - Europe
Jupiter EuropeanUnit TrustAlexander Darwall
An equity fund investing in large sized European companies.
Equities - Global
Fundsmith EquityOEICTerry Smith
A long only global growth equity fund consisting of a portfolio of 20-30 quality companies.
Rathbone Global OpportunitiesUnit TrustJames Thomson
An equity fund investing in stocks on a global basis.
Equities - Japan
Baillie Gifford JapaneseOEICSarah Whitley
An equity fund investing in large sized Japanese companies.
Man GLG Japan CoreAlphaOEICStephen Harker
An equity fund investing in large sized Japanese companies.
Equities - Thematic
First State Global Listed Infrastructure FundOEICAndrew Greenup & Peter Meany
The fund focuses on identifying stocks that are under-priced with respect to their quality in sectors with Infrastructure characteristics such as long-duration cash flows and inflation linked revenues.
Equities - UK
Liontrust Special SituationsOEICAnthony Cross and Julian Fosh
A long only UK equity growth fund consisting of high quality companies with strong balance sheets
Majedie UK IncomeOEICChris Reid
An equity fund investing in large and medium sized UK companies, whilst aiming to maintain an attractive income yield.
Threadneedle UK Equity IncomeOEICRichard Colwell
An equity fund investing predominately in large sized UK companies that in addition pays an income to investors.
Mixed - Mixed Investment
Troy TrojanOEICSebastian Lyon
This is a multi-asset fund that will invest in a range of asset classes from traditional equities (UK and overseas), fixed income instruments, collective investment schemes and money market instruments.
Property - Direct Property
F&C UK PropertyUnit TrustGuy Glover & Julian Smith
A fund investing predominately in direct commercial property assets in the UK.