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Best Ideas – Balanced

Equities: UK
[1]Liontrust Special Situations [1]A long only UK equity growth fund consisting of high quality companies with strong balance sheetsDetails [1]
[2]Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust [2]This is a UK Equity fund that will predominately invest in large cap stocks chosen for their positive impact on society and the environment.Details [2]
Equities: Asia
[3]Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Sustainability [3]The First State Asia Pacific Leaders Fund focuses on large cap stocks with a minimum market cap of $1bn. The fund utilises a team of 22 well-seasoned Asian equity specialists through a stable and well-defined process to uncover compelling stock ideas to construct a high conviction portfolio.Details [3]
[4]Impax Asian Environmental Markets [4]A fund that looks to deliver a portfolio of Asian stocks that play into broad environmental themes that are chosen for their positive impact as well as the potential for compelling returns.Details [4]
[5]Federated Hermes Asia ex-Japan Equity [5]A fund that follows a contrarian strategy, investing in large sized companies in the Pacific basin.Details [5]
Equities: Japan
[6]Baillie Gifford Japanese [6]An equity fund investing in large sized Japanese companies.Details [6]
Equities: Emerging Markets
[7]Federated Hermes Global Emerging Markets [7]An equity fund investing predominately in stocks of emerging market countries.Details [7]
Equities: Thematic
[8]First Sentier Global Listed Infrastructure Fund [8]The fund focuses on identifying stocks that are under-priced with respect to their quality in sectors with Infrastructure characteristics such as long-duration cash flows and inflation linked revenues.Details [8]
[9]Smith & Williamson Artificial Intelligence [9]A thematic equity fund investing in companies whose products or services are involved in Artificial Intelligence technologies.Details [9]
[10]Ninety One Global Environment [10]A thematic equity fund investing in companies engaged in activities that are helping to drive the unprecedented shift in energy systems and transport that will result in a decarbonisation.Details [10]
Equities: Global
[11]Fundsmith Equity [11]A global equity fund investing in companies with sustainably growing cash flows and durable business models.Details [11]
Mixed Investments
Mixed Investments: IA OE Mixed Investment 20-60%
[12]Troy Trojan [12]This is a multi-asset fund that will invest in a range of asset classes from traditional equities (UK and overseas), fixed income instruments, collective investment schemes and money market instruments.Details [12]
[13]CG Absolute Return [13]A mixed-asset fund investing across asset classes, both risk assets at an intrinsic discount, as well as a variety of defensive strategies to provide suitable ballast.Details [13]
Mixed Investments: IA OE Mixed Investments 0-35%
[14]Ninety One Diversified Income [14]A fund investing across the full spectrum of asset classes, allocating across equities, bonds, commodities, infrastructure, property, in addition to a derivative overlay to offer protection.Details [14]
Bonds: Flexible Bonds
[15]Janus Henderson Strategic Bond [15]A fixed income fund that invests in higher yielding assets including high yield bonds, investment grade bonds, government bonds, preference shares and other bonds.Details [15]
[16]TwentyFour Dynamic Bond [16]An unconstrained fixed income fund that invests in a broad range of bonds and fixed-income assets, managed by a team of industry veterans who were involved in the development of the fixed income markets over the last 25 years.Details [16]
Bonds: Government Bonds
[17]Vanguard US Government Bond Index [17]A fund that looks to track the performance of US government bondsDetails [17]
Absolute Return: Directional Trading
[18]JPMorgan Global Macro Opportunities [18]The fund should be viewed as an Absolute Return vehicle, attempting to generate a return of cash + 7% by identifying and investing in macroeconomic themes globally that are likely to drive asset prices.Details [18]
[19]Montlake DUNN WMA Institutional [19]A 100% systematic trend following program that is adaptive to the market risk environment and the trend characteristics prevalent at any time. The portfolio encompasses global financial, energy, metal and agriculture futures markets.Details [19]
Absolute Return: Relative Value
[20]Goldman Sachs Global Strategic Macro Bond [20]The fund invests in global fixed income markets, focused mostly on developed market interest rates and currencies. The investment philosophy is focused on macroeconomic fundamentals and takes both long and short positions across markets.Details [20]