Fidelity Asia

An equity fund investing in stocks throughout the Pacific Basin, excluding Japan.

Teera’s investment philosophy is based on careful stock selection, underpinned by extensive company research and analysis coupled with gaining a thorough understanding of the accounting practices used, which he then uses to form a base for all his investment decisions. Teera’s approach leads him to find companies that are trading below their intrinsic value.  His geographic allocation will be determined by his stock selection and largely by the availability of attractive investments which will lead to him holding a portfolio of around 80 stocks.  Teera is not restricted by company size but will generally have a bias towards larger companies.


We like this fund as it is managed by an experienced manager, who has a strong background in accounting and the support of a well-resourced analyst team. Also since taking charge of the fund, through stock selection, Teera has delivered a return ahead of his peers.