HSBC GIF Frontier Markets

The fund will invest in companies globally operating in what we call Frontier markets, which are countries with investable markets that are less established than those in the emerging markets and with high economic and population growth prospects.


The fund, launched in 2008, investing in companies operating in Frontier markets across the market capitalisation spectrum. The fund manager looks for companies which have a solid business models, generating strong cash flows and in a growing industry. Corporate governance is also a key criteria for selection and the team meet with the management of companies before investing. Finally, the fund managers make sure that the selected stocks offer enough liquidity as the fund trades on a daily basis.


We like the fund as its robust process also benefits from the extensive global reach of HSBC with offices located in many of these Frontier markets. It helps the fund managers to have a better understanding of the political and economic situation of each country.

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Unit Trust Equities Frontier Markets
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Fund Manager: Christopher Turner

Chris Turner is a portfolio manager at HSBC focusing primarily on Frontier Markets. Prior to joining HSBC in 2012, Chris was a Portfolio Manager with EMSO Partners (Citi Capital Partners) where he covered a number of emerging and frontier markets. Prior to this, he worked in emerging markets equity with Morley Fund Management (now Aviva Investors) and Morgan Grenfell Asset Management (now Deutsche Asset Management) in a similar role. Chris is a graduate of University College London.

Fund Group: HSBC Global Investment Funds

HSBC Global Asset Management is a leading global asset management firm managing assets totalling $409 billion. It is part of course of one of the largest banks in the world, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd (HSBC), established in 1865. As one of the world’s leading emerging market asset management businesses, through its network of offices in 30 countries around the world, HSBC Global Asset Management has strong relationships with corporates, institutions and financial intermediaries of all sizes and types.