EQ Model Portfolio: Income Portfolio – Cautious Plus

EQ's Income Portfolios aim to produce an income of at least 3% per year while also offering the potential for capital growth. They are managed portfolios of 15-20 funds which invest across a full range of asset classes including equities, bonds, commercial property and alternatives. They hold both active and passive funds, with a bias towards higher yielding strategies.

Current Portfolio

This portfolio maintains a bias towards lower volatility investments with equity holdings limited to 60%. It focuses on capital protection with a moderate participation in equity market growth, and aims to reduce investment risk by diversifying across regions and asset classes.

Fund typeManaged by
Alternatives - Multi Strategy
Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted IncomeOEICSebastian Mackay, Richard Batty, Gwilym Satchell
An absolute return mandate attempting to deliver a positive total return in all market conditions over a three year rolling period, targeting an income of 3.5% per annum over UK 3 month Libor.
Bonds - Flexible Bonds
Fidelity Strategic BondOEICIan Spreadbury
A flexible fixed income fund that invests in across fixed income markets including high yield bonds, investment grade bonds, government bonds, preference shares and other bonds.
Henderson Strategic BondOEICJohn Pattullo and Jenna Barnard
A fixed income fund that invests in higher yielding assets including high yield bonds, investment grade bonds, government bonds, preference shares and other bonds.
TwentyFour Dynamic BondOEICEoin Walsh and Gary Kirk
An unconstrained fixed income fund that invests in a broad range of bonds and fixed-income assets, managed by a team of industry veterans who were involved in the development of the fixed income markets over the last 25 years.
Bonds - Investment Grade
L&G Short Dated Sterling Corporate Bond IndexUnit TrustChad Rakvin
A fund that tracks the performance of investment grade sterling corporate bonds  with maturities of 1-5 years
Muzinich Enhanced Yield Short Term BondOEICTatjana Greil Castro
A fixed income fund investing in global bonds across the credit spectrum with short terms to maturity.
Rathbone Ethical BondOEICBryn Jones
A fixed income fund that focuses on the bonds of UK corporates that are engaged in activities with a benefit to society and the environment
TwentyFour Monument BondOEICBen Hayward
A fixed income fund investing exclusively in lower risk Asset Backed Securities across Europe.
Equities - Asia
Henderson Asian Dividend IncomeUnit TrustMichael Kerley
A fund investing in high yielding companies in the Asia region.
Equities - Emerging Markets
JPMorgan Emerging Markets IncomeOEICOmar Negyal
The fund invests in Emerging Market equities, in large or mid-cap companies that can deliver a progressive dividend and capital growth over time.
Vanguard Emerging Markets Equity IndexOEICAlla Kolganova
A fund that aims to track the performance of in global emerging markets.
Equities - Europe
Standard Life European Equity IncomeOEICWill James
A fund that invests in a concentrated portfolio of stocks, to generate a sustainable level of income together with some capital growth.
Equities - Global
Newton Global IncomeOEICNick Clay & Terry Coles
An unconstrained global equity fund, with an aim to produce a yield in excess of the MSCI World index.
Equities - Japan
Man GLG Japan CoreAlphaOEICStephen Harker
An equity fund investing in large sized Japanese companies.
Equities - Thematic
Miton Global Infrastructure IncomeOEICJim Wright
The fund is focused on income generation, and aims to deliver a comfortable yield of 4-5% p.a. growing at 4-6%. In addition to yield, the manager focuses on identifying high quality companies with strong balance sheets to protect on the downside.
Equities - UK
Columbia Threadneedle UK Equity IncomeOEICRichard Colwell
An equity fund investing predominately in large sized UK companies that in addition pays an income to investors.
JO Hambro UK Equity IncomeOEICJames Lowen & Clive Beagles
An equity fund investing in mid to small cap companies, whilst aiming to generate an attractive income.
L&G UK 100 IndexUnit TrustChad Rakvin
A fund that looks to track the performance of the FTSE 100 Index, which contains the largest 100 listed companies in the United Kingdom
Majedie UK IncomeOEICChris Reid
An equity fund investing in large and medium sized UK companies, whilst aiming to maintain an attractive income yield.
Equities - US
Aviva US Equity Income IIOEICHenry Saunders & Thomas Forsha
A differentiated US equity income fund, attempting to generate a competitive yield with a low volatility.
Vanguard US Equity IndexOEICGerard O’Reilly
A fund that looks to track the performance of companies of all sizes in the United States
Property - Direct Property
F&C UK PropertyUnit TrustGuy Glover & Julian Smith
A fund investing predominately in direct commercial property assets in the UK.
Kames Property IncomeUnit TrustDavid Wise and Richard Peacock
A fund investing in higher yielding properties.
Standard Life UK Real EstateUnit TrustGeorge Shaw
A fund investing predominantly in direct commercial property assets in the UK.