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JOHCM UK Opportunities

John’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that markets consistently underestimate the value created by well-managed companies in growth niches. This is a defensive UK equity fund, where the investment process combines top-down thematic analysis with bottom-up fundamental analysis, with an emphasis on high and sustainable return on capital.

The manager seeks quality companies that can generate above average returns over the long term through compounding growth. The quality control involves assessing a number of factors including pricing power, volumes, cash flow and management. The portfolio is constructed with no regard to the benchmark, and is typically highly concentrated containing 25-40 stocks.

We like this fund as it is managed by one of the most experienced and conservative managers investing in UK equities. The fund is defensive compared to peers, and offers exposure across the market capitalisation spectrum. In addition, the manager will invest up to a maximum of 20% in cash in bearish environments.