EQ Model Portfolio: Positive Impact – Adventurous Plus

This portfolio maintains a bias towards higher volatility investments, with up to 100% invested in equity funds. It aims to diversify risk by investing across regions, and enhance returns through its asset allocation strategy and fund selections. As a high risk portfolio, its performance is expected to be volatile.

Current Portfolio

Equities: Global
BMO Responsible Global EquityA global equity fund investing in companies considered to be making a positive contribution to society and the environment.Details
Equities: Asia
Impax Asian Environmental MarketsA fund that looks to deliver a portfolio of Asian stocks that play into broad environmental themes that are chosen for their positive impact as well as the potential for compelling returns.Details
Equities: Thematic
Impax Environmental LeadersA fund managed by the largest independent environmentally focused investment house that looks to deliver a portfolio of stocks that play into resource efficiency themes.Details
Janus Henderson Global Sustainable EquityThe fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of companies globally that have a positive impact on the society or the environment.Details
Hermes Impact Opportunities EquityThe fund invests in companies globally addressing the unmet needs in society, through the development of products and services making a clear and measurable impact on society and the environment. Towards this end, the strategy offers a way to meaningfully support delivery on the widely agreed UN Sustainable Development Goals.Details
Ninety One Global EnvironmentA thematic equity fund investing in companies engaged in activities that are helping to drive the unprecedented shift in energy systems and transport that will result in a decarbonisation.Details
Equities: UK
Royal London Sustainable Leaders TrustThis is a UK Equity fund that will predominately invest in large cap stocks chosen for their positive impact on society and the environment.Details
Ninety One UK Sustainable EquityThis fund invests in quality companies that exhibit strong internal and external sustainability within the ten Sustainable Themes developed by Investec. Companies thus score highly I meeting both ESG and Impact investing targets.Details
Bonds: Short Dated
EdenTree Responsible & Sustainable Short Dated BondA high quality investment grade only bond fund, with its strategy built upon a “profit with principles” approach which is achieved by investing responsible in sustainable businesses.Details
Bonds: Corporate Credit - IG
Rathbone Ethical BondA fixed income fund that focuses on the bonds of UK corporates that are engaged in activities with a benefit to society and the environmentDetails
Threadneedle UK Social BondA fund that focuses on the corporate bonds of UK corporates and institutions which make a positive contribution to society.Details
Allianz Green BondThe fund invests into green bonds, which are bonds raised to finance projects meeting specific environmental criteria. Allianz Green Bond is one of the first funds focusing on this relatively new and fast growing asset class.Details
Wellington Global Impact BondA global investment grade fund aiming to achieve both attractive financial returns and a meaningful social and/or environmental impact.Details