Select Television Production EIS 4

An EIS focused on capital preservation, attempting to generate a return through the sale of television productions such as made-for-television films and drama series to major broadcasters.

About the manager

Great Point Media specialise in media business, investing in the global media and entertainment sector. As the investment advisor for the Select Television Production EIS range, their responsibilities include developing, distributing and consulting on projects for and with a range of production companies, producers, writers and television networks internationally.

The team have worked on television programmes including Lonesome Dove, Foyle’s War, Doc Martin and Line of Duty. Great Point Media have already raised over £50 million in EIS and SEIS funds, managing 20 new productions. In addition to the Selection Television Production EIS range, they are also investment advisor to Winant Productions and Lytton Productions PLC, both single company EIS conducting identical trade.

How to invest

Under FCA rules information about EIS schemes is strictly controlled. Please contact us for further information about this scheme.

Important Information

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EIS funds should be regarded as higher risk investments, suitable only for experienced investors who are able to withstand losses.


EIS structureFund
Investment purposeCapital Preservation
Closing date31 October 2016
Min. investment£10,000