Seneca EIS Portfolio Service

A sector agnostic EIS portfolio service seeking to invest in a portfolio of four to six established private and AIM listed investment opportunities.

The Seneca EIS Portfolio Service is relatively young, having only launched in December 2012. It was introduced to add another route to market for an extremely experienced team, who manage a number of other investment vehicles for high net worth individuals.

This service gives investors exposure to a portfolio of 4-6 EIS qualifying investments, and while we are aware that a target of four investments is at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of diversification, investors have received an average of six investee companies within their individual portfolios to date. The service is sector agnostic, and therefore we cannot detail the exact exposure a client will receive. However, the process seeks investment in established private companies, and AIM-listed investment opportunities.

The Seneca EIS Portfolio Service sits in the middle of the risk spectrum in terms of our panel of EIS opportunities, with a stated return target of £1.60 – £1.80 per £1.00 invested, with an exit time frame between 4-5 years.

To date, the Seneca EIS Portfolio Service has approximately 190 investors, having raised £18.5 million after launching in December 2012. Given the immaturity of the Service, there is no current track record. However, the current portfolio consists of 10 AIM-listed companies, all of which have performed strongly since inception.

There is a Reinvestment Fund facility in place, and therefore the ability to roll exited investments into a new EIS investment at the point of exit. However, this is classed as a new investment and requires the completion of new client application, and is subject to initial and annual fees as per an original investment.

About the manager

Seneca Partners Ltd is a privately owned, independent investment manager and advisory business, formed in 2010. It provides a number of investment products to high net worth individuals and companies, with over £450 million of assets under management. The wider company has over 70 staff across 6 offices, based in the SME heartlands of Northern England and the West Midlands, deemed to be the “sweet spot”, where the managers are able to deploy funds to bridge the gap in the continued absence of bank finance.

More specifically Seneca Partners employs 29 individuals who are solely focused on its EIS, VCT, IHT and BPR funds. The IHT service is an evergreen Business Property Relief Service, with £14.8 million of assets under management, having launched in March 2014. Within this, their aim is capital preservation and a modest growth of 4% per annum. Finally, their BPR offer was launched in May 2015, structured as a UCIS and currently has £1.1 million of assets under management.

How to invest

Under FCA rules information about EIS schemes is strictly controlled. Please contact us for further information about this scheme.

Important Information

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EIS funds should be regarded as higher risk investments, suitable only for experienced investors who are able to withstand losses.


EIS structureDiscretionary Portfolio
Investment purposeCapital Growth
Closing dateEvergreen
Min. investment£25,000