TwentyFour Dynamic Bond

An unconstrained fixed income fund that invests in a broad range of bonds and fixed-income assets, managed by a team of industry veterans who were involved in the development of the fixed income markets over the last 25 years.


The TwentyFour Dynamic Bond is viewed as a ‘best-in-class’ strategy within Flexible/ Strategic Bonds based on the pedigree of the investment team and their expertise of the European credit markets which they have helped to shape over the past 25 years. The team is formed by former proprietary traders, sales traders and market makers at most of the large/ bulge bracket banks in Europe. They are able to invest across fixed income markets, with the managers tactically adjusting the portfolio across high yield, investment grade, government bonds, asset-backed securities and cash with an aim to ensure fixed income exposure is best positioned given the prevailing market conditions and outlook. The flexibility of this approach enables the managers of the Fund to quickly adjust the allocation within fixed income to take advantage of opportunities.

We like the team based approach used to manage this fund and the fact that the lead managers are pioneers of creating and investing in credit markets. It gives them a deeper understanding with detailed knowledge of the micro structure and macro forces that affect their markets. Each member of the team has their own specialisms which sees different investment ideas being brought to the fund.

Fund type: Asset class: Sector:
OEIC Bonds Flexible Bonds

Fund Manager: Eoin Walsh and Gary Kirk

Eoin Walsh and Gary Kirk both worked at Synapse Investment Management prior to founding TwentyFour.

Prior to TwentyFour, Eoin was a Vice President at London Credit Structures, part of Citigroup Alternative Investments. Eoin joined Citigroup in 1997 working in the Independent Control department before moving to the Credit team. Eoin joined the portfolio management team in 2002 and concentrated on the structured finance sector, covering: RMBS, CMBS, autos, student loans, consumer loans, CLOs and various other asset-backed securities.

Prior to TwentyFour Gary was Head of European Credit trading at Wachovia Bank NA, where he led a successful proprietary trading group focused on European & Asian credit products. Gary worked in the Corporate Finance & Syndicate group at Daiwa Securities in 1987, where he created structured bonds for Asian investors as well as becoming one of the pioneers of the asset swap market. Between 1993 and 2000 Gary was Head of Credit Trading at the Royal Bank of Canada, where he was at the forefront of the development of the credit derivative market and a member of the professional market panel involved in the first standardised ISDA document. Prior to joining Wachovia, Gary was Head of Trading at CDC Ixis, running a group of 12 traders based in London, Paris & Frankfurt.

Fund Group: TwentyFour Asset Management

TwentyFour Asset Management is a fixed income specialist based in the City of London. Founded in 2008 by a group of leading fixed income professionals, they currently manage £12.2 billion (as at February 2018) for a variety of institutional and retail clients with investment products that span across the fixed income risk spectrum.

In April 2015 the Firm entered into a strategic partnership with Vontobel Asset Management, a subsidiary of the Vontobel Group. Vontobel Asset Management acquired a 60% shareholding in the firm with TwentyFour Asset Management’s working partners retaining a 40% stake in the business. The firm remains autonomous, run by the partners with full control over day-to-day business decisions.