Victoria Leggett & Rupert Welchman

Victoria Leggett (left): Victoria joined UBP in 2010 as an Equity portfolio manager and has 16 years of industry experience as a European equity portfolio manager and analyst. In February 2018 she was appointed UBP’s Head of Responsible Investment for Asset Management tasked with building UBP’s reputation and presence in the responsible investment space and working with the Bank’s investment teams to broaden and deepen their involvement in and understanding of this approach. Victoria began her career in corporate finance, before joining Threadneedle in 2004 as an equity analyst and sector specialist.


Rupert Welchman (right): Rupert joined UBP in 2010 as PM and now has 21 years’ investment experience. He used to be a UK Equities Fund Manager and Head of the Global Banks team at Threadneedle, and he has also worked as a Fund Manager at K.I. Asset Management and First State Asset Management.

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