A quantitative long / short equity market neutral strategy designed to deliver a positive return through both bull and bear markets

MW Trade Optimisation Portfolio System (TOPS) using a highly quantitative process to assess sell side recommendations, assessing recommendations from a large network of research analysts to ascertain their best ideas. The collected data is then further analysed on a variety of measures such as the accuracy of historical predictions, analyst consensus, rating momentum, behavioural biases’ etc to develop an alpha forecast. The alpha forecast then feeds the portfolio construction process in tandem with a quantitative assessment of market conditions and various optimisation & risk metrics, ensuring that the portfolio remains well diversified at all times.

We like the fund for its robust process, which has been tested over several market cycles and is able to take into account huge amounts of information as a result of the quantitative nature. Although the portfolio is not always market neutral per se, the fund has been able to protect investors through stressed markets.

Fund type Offshore FCA
Asset class Absolute Return
Sector Long / Short
Managed by Anthony Clake
This fund is not currently listed in our model portfolios

Manager Profile

Anthony joined Marshall Wace in 2001 as and is the lead product manager for the global TOPS strategies, leading development of the process, and has been a partner of Marshall Wace since 2004. Anthony joined Marshall Wace following consultancy with the firm during 1999 and 2000 and graduated from The Queen’s College, Oxford.

Fund performance

Marshall Wace Asset Management

Marshall Wace Asset Management Ltd was founded in 1997 by Paul Marshall and Ian Wace and has since established itself as one of Europe’s foremost alternative asset managers, with a focus on systematic and quantitative long / short equity strategies. MW has a global presence with offices in London (HQ), New York and Hong Kong and manages over $40bn (As of 28/02/2019). Previously owned by Marshall Wace partners, private equity group KKR bought a minority stake in September 2015.