Ninety One UK Sustainable Equity

This fund invests in quality companies that exhibit strong internal and external sustainability within the ten Sustainable Themes developed by Investec. Companies thus score highly I meeting both ESG and Impact investing targets.

The Fund primarily invests in shares issued by UK companies (i.e. companies which are domiciled in the UK, incorporated in the UK or carry out a significant portion of their business in the UK) which are considered by the Investment Manager to be making a positive contribution to society and/or the environment through sustainable and socially responsible practices and/or services.

Fund type UK OEIC
Asset class Equities
Sector UK
Managed by Matthew Evans
Held in EQ PortfoliosPIP Balanced Plus
PIP Balanced
PIP Cautious
PIP Cautious Plus
PIP Adventurous Plus
PIP Adventurous
PIP All Equity

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Ninety One

Ninety One (formerly Investec Asset Management) was founded in 1991 and began as a small, start-up asset manager offering domestic strategies in a South Africa. Over two decades later and Ninety One is an international business managing approximately £121 billion (as of December 2019, for clients based all over the world. Their focus is on global and emerging market investing across asset classes, with offerings in global markets, emerging & frontier markets, spanning equity, fixed income, multi-asset and alternative asset classes. Ninety One provides investment products and services to institutions, advisory clients and individuals. Clients include pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, foundations, financial advisers and individual investors.