EQ Wealth

The EQ Wealth service is designed for clients who value the benefit of face-to-face financial advice and have investable assets of more than £250,000.

EQ Wealth provides impartial advice, based on a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the market, delivered face to face to clients. This approach enables our advisers to gain a deep understanding of your needs and objectives.

Amongst the issues that we will consider are:

  • Are you saving enough to meet your objectives?
  • Is your portfolio compatible with your risk profile?
  • Are you making full advantage of tax free allowances?
  • Is your family adequately protected?

Free 15 minute consultation

Our team of financial advisers

We have an outstanding team of client advisers trained to give you the best possible advice. Our award-planning paraplanning team provide  support to our advisers with a wide breadth of technical qualifications. Each has specific areas of expertise, ranging from investments, retirement planning and inheritance tax mitigation to long-term care plans.
Victoria has worked in Financial Services as a Paraplanner for 5 years joining EQ…
Victoria Groves
Senior Technical Consultant
Freddie Cleworth
Freddie is an investment adviser here at EQ. His role is to assist clients…
Freddie Cleworth
Client Director
Nicola Allen
Nicola joined EQ in 2012 from PwC and has over 10 years’ experience in…
Nicola Allen
Client Director
Jeannie has been working in financial services for over 10 years. She joined EQ…
Jeannie Boyle
Executive Director
Toby’s route to financial services was by no means traditional. After completing his Economics…
Toby Walker
Client Director
Andrew has over 35 years’ experience in the financial services profession. He started in…
Andrew Meade
Client Director
Ian started his career in financial services in 1983 in South Africa with Old…
Ian McKenzie
Client Director
Leo has worked in financial services for over thirty five years and feels that…
Leo Bones
Client Director
Angus is a director of EQ and has been working in Financial services for…
Angus Branfield
Executive Director
Peter has been helping clients since 1980. He specialises in all aspects of private…
Peter Brennan
Chartered Financial Planner
Simon is a director of EQ and started his career in the Royal Navy…
Simon Callaghan
Executive Director
Steve has spent most of his career in the wealth management profession, dealing mainly…
Steve Hollis
Client Director
Hayley has worked in the financial services industry for 19 years in a variety…
Hayley Jarvis
Corporate Benefit Adviser
Mark is a director of EQ with over 25 years’ experience in financial services.…
Mark Kenner
Executive Director
Matthew started his financial services career working in alternative investments for a large advisory…
Matthew Lewis
Client Director
Katharine started her career in 1998 in PwC’s financial planning team. She joined EQ…
Katharine Lindley
Client Director

Lifecycle planning

EQ can help you manage your wealth through each stage of the financial planning lifecycle to help you get the most out of your finances. Your needs and planning objectives will naturally evolve over time as career and family circumstances change: Planning for different stages of life-01

The EQ planning process

After an initial meeting to gather information about you, your EQ adviser will draw up a plan together with any recommended actions. There will then be regular review meetings to check if your circumstances or objectives have changed. Client review process-01

Our approach to investment

For most clients the management of their investments will form a significant part of our role. Unusually for a wealth manager, EQ has a dedicated in-house team of professional investment managers who are amongst the best in the business. This means we can provide a fully integrated service, actively managing our clients’ investments on a day-to-day basis. Our top priority is to maximise the returns on your portfolio whilst staying within the risk tolerance that suits you.
Central pillars of our approach
  • Our portfolios are widely diversified geographically and across asset types; in addition to Equities, Fixed Interest Bonds and Property we will also consider Alternatives, including Hedge Funds and Commodities.
  • Attempting to time the market is usually futile – we take a long term view based on an assessment of fundamental value.
  • We invest in funds, not single stocks. Find out why
  • Independent research, carried out by our highly skilled team, is central to the process.
Learn more about our investment process
Investment portfolio options
We offer a range of discretionary managed model portfolios to appeal to a wide spread of clients.
Best Ideas
Low Cost
Positive Impact
Absolute Return
We also offer a bespoke investment solution for clients with larger sums available.