EQ Matched Giving

EQ Matched Giving has been designed to help clients and staff raise additional funds for their favourite causes; we know how difficult that can be.

Triple the money raised for your favourite cause

You might decide to take part in a local run or bike ride: you will be able to tell your supporters that their contributions will be leveraged both by our matching and (potentially) Gift Aid and by a further Income Tax rebate.


  • A friend sponsors you for £100
  • Gift Aid increases that to £128
  • Our matching increases it to £228

If your supporter pays tax at 45% they will be able to reclaim a further £31.25, reducing their net cost to £68.75 for a £228 donation to the charity. That’s an increase of 231%. For a 40% taxpayer the rebate will be £25, resulting in a net cost of £75 and an increase of 204%.

Is there a limit?

Yes, there will be a maximum of £1,000 available per client per annum and a minimum (to keep our administration costs bearable) of £200.

Is every client eligible?

Almost. You must have an ongoing fee agreement with us and have been a client for at least six months.

Are any charities not eligible?

A few, we are only supporting UK registered charities and we will not be supporting organisations that operate in certain fields, including amateur sport, private education, single faith religious groups.

How do you apply?

We’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions
  2. Download an Application Form
  3. Complete it and mail to us at eqgiving@eqinvestors.co.uk

We will then let you know if you are eligible.

Then send us evidence of the money that you have raised and we will send a matching amount to the organisation, linking it to you.