Climate Action Case Studies Q1 2023

In these quarterly updates we showcase examples of ‘transition’, ‘low-carbon leader’, and ‘solution’ companies and funds to which investors gain exposure.

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail   by Louisiana Salge, 5th March 2023

The EQ Climate Action portfolios allow you to align your financial goals with the global effort to reduce climate change risks and reach net zero.

  • Climate transition companies are either those on a credible science-based path to decarbonising their business model or those that need investor engagement to put them on a pathway to net zero.
  • Companies that fall into the low-carbon leader category are those that are ahead of the curve in carbon efficiency, with at least 33% lower emission intensity than their industry peers.
  • Climate solution companies are those whose products and services provide solutions to decarbonisation. It also includes financing targeted at green projects.

Our quarterly updates feature examples of these companies and funds – here we will focus on three:

  • Transition: TransAlta
  • Low-carbon leader: Alphabet
  • Carbon solution: Xinyi Solar

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