Invest to solve social and environmental problems

For clients who want to maximise their impact and returns

Boasting a solid 10-year track record, Positive Impact is our flagship impact investing strategy, designed around the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch the video to learn how we maximise impact and returns:

Diversified portfolios of actively managed funds running dedicated impact strategies

Invests in products and services that help to solve social and environmental problems
Award-winning impact reporting, designed to help clients connect to their money
Our positive impact approach naturally avoids controversial sectors
Globally diversified across asset classes
4 risk profiles ranging from 30-100% equity
Three currencies: GBP, USD and EUR
Awarded a 5/5 star rating by Defaqto
Portfolio management fee: 0.32%0.18% (depending on AUM)
Underlying fund charges: ~0.6%

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2022 Impact Report

Positive Impact Report 2023

6 monthly updates

These updates showcase companies held by our Positive Impact and show how they contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

What we invest in



We support

We support

  • Affordable housing
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion and insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Sanitation
  • Social care
  • Sustainable food
  • Circular economy
  • Clean energy
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Sustainable transport

We avoid

We avoid

  • Alcohol
  • Armaments and military contracting
  • Gambling
  • Poor labour standards
  • Tobacco
  • Unhealthy foods
  • Air freight
  • Coal
  • Mining
  • Oil majors
  • Palm oil
  • Poor environmental practices

Underlying holdings are mapped to the Sustainable Development Goals. Positive Impact maximises exposure to companies that make a positive impact:

See your impact

Our impact calculator tool lets you generate a PDF impact summary for your clients:

What positive impacts have the companies in the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios had in the last year?

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Environmental impact


Social impact


Investing (e.g. buying shares in a company) does not create these outputs and outcomes: they are instead generated by the activities of our underlying portfolio holdings. An investment can be associated with these measures based on company disclosures and share of ownership. The measures shown will differ depending on the amount invested and portfolio invested in. For an in-depth explanation of our methodology, visit Impact Calculator methodology

Platform availability

Our Positive Impact portfolios are available offshore on the following platforms:
  • Novia Globa
  • Praemium
  • 7IM

Risk profiles

Positive Impact portfolios are available offshore denominated in GBP, EUR and USD. To download factsheets please click on the links below:

Find out more

EQ Investors is an award-winning investment manager with a strong in-house research team. Click to find out more about our DFM service. For all enquiries about our DFM service and the Positive Impact portfolios, please get in touch: