EQ is one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe
The Financial Times' FT1000
John Spiers

What makes us different?

We don't accept the status quo - we constantly seek to improve our service.

20 years ago at Bestinvest I helped to transform the way in which people selected investments and the costs they incurred. Today those practices are widespread but at EQ we've taken them to the next level, including our unique Positive Impact approach.

EQ is also revolutionising financial planning, giving everyone access to the tools and information they need to plan their future. We are doing this by combining slick technology with great people and then letting you decide the proportion of each to use.

Your interests and ours are the same

That's because we don't usually charge initial fees, so we only profit from a relationship when you remain with us over the long term and have the confidence to recommend us to your friends and family - our biggest source of new clients. Our interests are fully aligned with yours. You'll find that our fees are transparent, competitive and flexible to reflect the service you actually need.

John Spiers
Chief Executive
Admirably level-headed fund managers
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Our goal: be the best
not become the biggest

We’re the right size

In Wealth Management Big does not usually mean Better. In fact it often means the opposite. EQ is large enough to provide a full range of services but small enough for every client to feel important and for us to unearth the hidden gems that often generate higher returns. You can view the performance of our Model Portfolios here.

Only pay for what you need

Many financial advisers offer a fixed level of service. We don’t work like that at all. You’ll pay for what you really need and can be confident that it’s great value for money. Find out more…

We treat our clients as individuals, not account numbers

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient, a measure of ability to recognise people’s emotions. Our service is tailored to reflect your needs, not to maximise our profit margin. Our advisers won’t take on more clients than they can service well – we want to establish lifelong relationships with clients, not just an initial transaction.

What you see is what you get

Our objective is to inform, not confuse you, so we will always try to communicate in plain English, avoiding unnecessary jargon. We have built the best client portal in the business. You can check your portfolio whenever you wish, compare the performance with how much you have contributed or against a benchmark, store all of your assets and liabilities in a Personal Balance Sheet and update your personal factfind information. You can even use the Amazon Echo to access it. Test it out here

We’re in control of our destiny

Unlike many of our competitors we have no external shareholders, nor do we have any intention of ever selling our business. That means we can take long term decisions unhindered by any requirement to meet financial targets. You can be confident that there will not be a change of ownership in the future and that the person you deal with at EQ is likely to be here for a long time.

We have the best staff

Of course we would say that. We do it by supporting all of our employees in an environment that celebrates quality and sustainability over quantity. Our portfolio managers are Chartered Financial Analysts and our firm has Chartered Financial Planning status. Learn more about our staff

Sense of a wider community

EQ is proud to have been one of the first UK companies to be awarded B Corporation status, an internationally recognised standard for companies that believe in business as a force for good. We operate a Matched Giving programme to help our clients and staff raise extra funds for their favourite causes and we have set up the EQ Foundation as a registered charity. Our Positive Impact Portfolios are a unique proposition for clients who care about how and where their money is invested.

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