Green, Keen, and Growing: Meeting increasing investor demand for sustainability

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail   by Alice Lough, 9th June 2023

Join EQ Investors and Oxford Risk for a live webinar on Tuesday, 11th July, at 11:00am BST.

Discover how behavioural finance can accurately assess and capture investor preferences for sustainability and ESG, aligning them with suitable investment portfolios. We’ll also explore the importance of sustainable investment practices in today’s financial landscape, compare different approaches/strategies, and outline key principles for successful outcomes. Get practical guidance for due diligence on sustainable investment options and benefit from insights shared by guest speakers Dr. Greg B Davies and Louisiana Salge.

Register now for this webinar that will cover the following key learning objectives:

  • Understand the advantages to using a behavioural approach to capturing client sustainability preferences and how this can be done in practice to match an investor to a suitable portfolio
  • Learn how to improve client engagement and reduce the intention-action gap
  • Learn how to increase share of wallet and retain assets under management for longer, especially during periods of market instability and volatility
  • Understand best practice portfolio construction for sustainable investments and/or ESG funds that result in meeting the best client outcomes

The webinar, moderated by Matt Hardy, will last one hour, including an audience Q&A session.

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