Meeting unmet needs in emerging markets

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail   by Alex Michelsen, 24th September 2021

Welcome to the launch of 2021 Annual Impact Report for the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios – Part 2!

This webinar will focus on how we are investing to solve un-met needs in emerging markets – one of the key challenges defined by the UN Development Goals. We will be joined by Tim Crockford, Head of Impact Equity Solutions at Regnan, who will bring us unique insights from managing high impact investments. We will also hear directly from the innovative Brazilian medical education company Afya, demonstrating how they tackle local unmet needs through its mission-driven business model and digital solutions.

We will also present key findings from the 4th edition of our flagship impact report. This will include impact measurements on social outcomes, and engagement achievements that created sustainable change over the past year.

1. Key highlights from the new impact report
2. Solving unmet needs in emerging markets
3. Company case study: Afya
4. Q&A

The webinar will last for 1 hour with a 15–20-minute Q&A section towards the end. You can submit questions to speakers and panellists throughout the live event.

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