About us

Hello there, we’re EQ

We’re an award-winning team of chartered financial planners and investment experts. There are over 70 of us in London and Brighton, with more than 3,000 clients all around the UK.

“When I started EQ Investors I wanted to change the way that people grew their money. I wanted to show that there was another way. Today we are the alternative. Our sustainable approach is the perfect way to grow your wealth and benefit the planet and society.”

John Spiers, Chair

Proud to be a B Corporation

EQ Investors is proud to be a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). We see our purpose as more than just making a profit. We are part of a global community of leaders who see business as a force for good.

Sustainable approaches, always

Personal finance with the added personal touch

We understand that the value of money isn’t always and only measured in pounds and pence. Our “Finance of a first name basis” sets us apart. We are a different kind of financial planner. A more human kind. We take the time to get to know you and your finances. This is personal finance with the emphasis on the personal.

What makes us different?

EQ Matched Giving

Clients first

Sustainable investors

We are award winning

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