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6 October 2020

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Positive Impact Report 2020

Over the past year we have seen the negative effects of climate change destroy communities and displace populations. Coronavirus has shut down whole economies and governments have stepped in to offer unprecedented support. Public opinion has shifted: there is much wider acceptance that we need to invest in solution providers now, in order to create a future world for the benefit of all.

Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner,

Marketing Director

The report highlights how using a positive impact approach can drive valuation creation, in the sense of maximising financial returns and societal impact. In addition, the positive impact approach extends beyond the traditional investor, attracting a higher proportion of female investors (52%), than the UK average (44%).

Throughout 2019, EQ enhanced its impact investing standards, continued to identify how its investments support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and collaborated with a wide variety of stakeholders to enhance its engagement efforts.

What’s new in this year’s report:

  • How companies in the Positive Impact Portfolios are helping to fight the coronavirus today and set the stage for a green economic recovery.
  • An in-depth focus on climate change, using scenario analysis to show how investments are aligned to the Paris Agreement.
  • Details on how EQ has enhanced its engagement efforts to maximise its impact.

Key impact highlights saw an increase in the impact made per £1m invested, including:

  • 352 tonnes of CO2 avoided: equivalent to taking 77 cars off the road
  • 25 tonnes of waste recycled: equivalent to 26 households’ waste
  • 202MWH of renewable energy generated: equivalent to 61 homes’ usage
  • 178m litres of clean water provided: equivalent to 1,404 households usage
  • 402 hours of school, higher and adult education delivered.

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Ben Faulkner

Ben Faulkner

Marketing Director

Ben joined EQ in 2015 and has over 18 years’ of experience across the pensions, financial technology and wealth management sectors. At EQ, he is responsible for developing, managing and implementing the marketing communications strategy. Outside of work, Ben’s two daughters keep him busy. He enjoys keeping fit, especially running and cycling along the Pilgrim’s Way.


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