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3 November 2021

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On-demand webinar | Build back better – The UK’s sustainable future

With the launch of the 2021 Positive Impact Report, This webinar will look at the opportunities that can be harnessed as a result of the pandemic.

Louisiana Salge
Louisiana Salge,

Senior Sustainability Specialist

The opportunity to do better

This webinar will look at the opportunities that can be harnessed as a result of the pandemic. We’ll be joined by Matt Evans of Ninety One Asset Management to discuss his approach to sustainable investing during the pandemic. We’ll also hear directly from Smart Metering Systems and The Gym Group about the last eighteen months and what’s on the horizon for their mission-driven businesses.

Our Senior Sustainability Specialist Louisiana Salge will present key findings from our annual impact report. This will include impact measurements, carbon analysis and showcase how well the portfolios are placed to benefit from a green recovery.



Positive Impact Report 2021

The ambition of the EQ Positive Impact strategy has always been to demonstrate that investors can make a positive impact through their investments while at the same time generating attractive financial returns.

EQ’s 2021 impact report outlines the environmental and social benefits linked to its clients’ investments in the EQ Positive Impact portfolios

Additionally, the report details the progress of EQ against its engagement impact agenda over the last year as well as providing more detail on its approach to sustainability and future goals.

Download your copy here.


Louisiana Salge

Louisiana Salge

Senior Sustainability Specialist

Louisiana joined EQ in October 2018 after completing a masters in sustainable business at Imperial College London. She is now responsible for innovating EQ’s approach to sustainable investing. Louisiana oversees EQ’s ESG and impact integration strategy across all assets, EQ’s stewardship efforts and sustainability data reporting. Previously, Louisiana graduated from UCL with a BSc in Geography and spent a year working for a Cleantech innovation research company before starting her masters. She now also holds the CFA IMC and CFA ESG Investing qualification. Outside of her career, Louisiana loves travelling and discovering new places, cooking with friends and spending time outdoors.


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