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5 June 2021

2 min read

On-demand webinar | Planning for retirement

Recorded on 5 May 2021, this webinar outlines the benefits of planning ahead for your retirement, and how we can help you.

Katharine Lindley
Katharine Lindley,

Head of Advice & Chartered Financial Planner

What’s your plan for retirement?

In this short webinar, EQ’s Chartered Financial Planners –  Katharine Lindley and Matt Lewis, explain the importance of tailoring your savings to your life plans and goals, understanding your various sources of income, making your money last, and more.

In this webinar:

  1. How long does my money need to last?

    What are your life goals, and how do they align with your expenses?

  2. What are your needs and goals?

    What do you expect from a comfortable retirement? What do you hope to do?

  3. Income in retirement: Secure and flexible sources

    We go through the various sources of income you may have, such as final salary pensions, the state pension and ISAs.

  4. How much can I afford to draw?

    How can you budget relative to your own income and savings? What about unexpected expenses?

  5. Q&A

    The webinar is approximately 30 minutes long, followed by a Q&A session.

Know your options at retirement

Are you on track for retirement? The purpose of this guide is to help you think through some of the options you need to consider as you think about this transition and find the best way to fund the retirement you want.

Katharine Lindley

Katharine Lindley

Head of Advice & Chartered Financial Planner

Katharine started her career in 1998 in PwC’s financial planning team. She joined EQ Investors from Tilney Bestinvest where she worked closely with investment managers and professional advisers to deliver cohesive financial plans for clients. Katharine’s areas of expertise are wealth management, retirement planning and pensions, investments, estate planning and tax planning. She is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner, Taxation Technician Fellow and Chartered Tax Adviser. Away from the office, Katharine enjoys spending time with family, gardening, theatre and is learning the piano after a 30 year break. Katharine is a charitable trustee of the Association of Taxation Technicians and represents them on technical pension discussions with HMRC and HM Treasury.


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