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Our online and telephone investment service is for individuals who don't need a full financial plan. You can invest entirely online, or you can speak to one of our qualified advisers over the phone.

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Active portfolios for clients who want to maximise their impact and returns

Diversified portfolios of active funds running dedicated impact strategies
Invests in companies whose products and services help solve social and environmental problems
Detailed impact reporting using environmental and social impact metrics
Positive impact investment approach naturally avoids controversial sectors
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Passive portfolios for clients who want to invest sustainably at low cost

Diversified portfolios of sustainable low cost passive funds
Invests in companies with strong ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) profiles
Overweights in sustainable themes: clean energy, healthcare, green bonds
Negative screens include: fossil fuels, armaments, gambling & tobacco
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  • We can help you achieve your investment goals while doing good for people and the planet.
  • We can recommend a portfolio that suits your needs and goals
  • You can talk to us whenever you like and we'll review your strategy every year

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  • Our investment team will build you a tailored portfolio and manage it on your behalf
  • Never worry about what markets are doing, when to buy or sell
  • Check how your investments are doing 24/7 online

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If you invest through our online and telephone based service then we charge a single fee based on the total value of your investments. The more you invest, the cheaper it gets. You also pay a small annual charge for each fund that you hold.
Cost of online Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and general investment accounts (GIAs)
Your portfolio Up to £99,999 £100k – £249,999 £250k – £499,999 £500k – £999,999 £1m+ Fund charges*
Rates are annual charges applied to your entire portfolio value (charges are not tiered) and include VAT.
* Fund charges are indicative based on a Balanced portfolio and may vary slightly based on the funds in your portfolio.
Positive Impact 1.19% 0.99% 0.79% 0.69% 0.66% ~0.6%
Future Leaders 0.99% 0.79% 0.69% 0.59% 0.49% ~0.25%

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Environmental impact


Social impact


This impact calculator illustrates the underlying positive impacts that companies in EQ’s Positive Impact Portfolios contribute to the world. This positive impact is ultimately generated by the end users or beneficiaries of the products and services of invested businesses; the data does not include positive impacts that result from non-material parts of invested businesses. For an in-depth explanation of our impact methodology, please click here

Frequently asked questions

We've put together a handy FAQ page with lots of answers to common questions about this investment service. Alternatively, please give our advisers a call on 020 7488 7171 or email us.

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