Investment techniques have evolved dramatically over the last fifty years and markets have never been so competitive, so generating good returns consistently is more difficult than ever. EQ is a discretionary investment manager who can take away the hassle of constantly reviewing markets and ensuring that portfolios are optimised.

Meet the EQ Investment Team

Achieving good investment returns requires an excellent team. We are proud to have attracted such a talented group to EQ and are confident that our people are the best in the business.
John is the CEO of EQ. After gaining an MA in Engineering at Clare…
John Spiers
Daniel is an Investment Manager in the Bespoke Discretionary Management team. He joined EQ…
Daniel Bland
Investment Manager
Andrew is an Investment Manager in the Bespoke team. He joined EQ Investors from…
Andrew J. Rees
Investment Manager
Sophie is responsible for the research agenda across EQ, leading a six-strong team that…
Sophie Muller
Head of Research
Damien has an MSc in Management from Reims Management School and an MSc in…
Damien Lardoux
Portfolio Manager
Kasim graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Physics from Imperial College and is a…
Kasim Zafar
Portfolio Manager
Josh is an investment analyst supporting the portfolio managers. He is responsible for macro-economic…
Josh Seager
Investment Analyst
Michael is a Fund Research Analyst, supporting the portfolio managers in fund selection, qualitative…
Michael Born
Fund Research Analyst
Mike heads up the investment management team. After completing his BSc in Chemistry at…
Mike Neumann
Head of Investment Management

Investment Tips


Why we invest through funds

EQ’s model investment portfolios are compiled from funds, not individual equities or bonds. We firmly believe that is the optimal way to invest in the modern era. ....more

Failing to rebalance

Regularly adjusting the mix of investment assets in your portfolio to keep it in line with your goals is critical. ....more

Absolute Return

These specialist portfolios invest in alternatives, including hedge funds, which offer the potential for gains even when markets are falling. Read more....

Positive Impact

Investing with a conscience doesn't mean sacrificing investment returns. There is growing evidence that responsible companies produce stronger returns in the long term.
EQ Positive Impact Portfolios are screened for social and environmental impact, searching for good investments that also do good. Read more....

10 Common Errors

Investing successfully is difficult and time consuming. In this guide EQ illustrates some simple errors made my many investors that can have a big impact on returns.

EQ Investment Services

EQ provides discretionary investment management services to clients ranging from those with a few thousand pounds to those with tens of millions. Find out how EQ can help you with your money.

Why we invest in funds at EQ

EQ Current Views


We are overweight alternatives at the moment, mainly due to our negative views on other asset classes. more...

Asia Pacific

We are overweight Asia Pacific equities. more...


We are underweight government bonds and overweight high yield. more...


We are holding higher levels of cash than normal. more...


We have limited exposure to energy equities. more...

Emerging Markets

We are slightly overweight emerging market equities. more...


Our outlook varies by region: see Geographic Allocation for details. more...


We are slightly underweight European equities. more...


We are overweight Japanese equities. more...

North America

We are slightly overweight US equities. more...

How we invest

The EQ investment process has been designed to reflect the best practices of investment managers around the world.

1. Asset Allocation

This step is based on evaluating which markets offer the best value.....more

2. Fund Selection

We build our portfolios around funds (find out why). Our team use sophisticated techniques to identify the very best managers in each sector.....more

3. Portfolio Construction

Building a portfolio has some similarities to creating a recipe - the ingredients must be good but also combine well together....more

4. Monitoring & Rebalancing

Investment markets are changing constantly. Portfolio managers need to be alert for the need to rebalance to take account of new circumstances and to rebalance following large market movements.....more

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