Guide: The good guide to investing for women

EQ has sponsored a new Good with Money guide to investing for women.

Women invest less than men.

This isn’t because it is too hard or, like football or cricket, it’s just something men do more. Women who invest enjoy it and are good at it. They create more financial security and resilience.

With women still earning less than men, and living longer, it is REALLY important for women to get into investing, whether that’s adding more to a workplace pension, investing in a Lifetime ISA, or a stocks and shares ISA.

Saving in cash is different to investing in the financial markets – saving is less risky because your money is protected, but has less potential for meaningful returns, particularly in the current low interest rate environment.

Investing can have a life-changing effect on our savings and – when done in the right kind of funds an projects – can help protect our planet for our children and theirs after that.

Grab your copy below.