Investing made easy

EQ offers a low cost investment and advice service for people who do not require full financial planning. You can invest entirely online but most clients prefer also to speak with our qualified advisers, either on the phone or in person.

  • You can invest through ISAs, Pensions or Investment Accounts.
  • You can transfer existing plans, or
  • Start afresh with at least £250/month, or £1,000 lump sum.

It’s so much more than just ‘robo-advice’

Professional portfolio management

EQ offers discretionary managed services. Your portfolio is managed by our investment professionals, who are constantly reviewing portfolios and rebalancing them regularly as markets move. EQ has an impressive research team that has developed a sophisticated investment management process based on techniques used by successful investors to maximise returns for clients. Our team review thousands of potential funds to find the best combination for our clients. And because EQ is not trying to become one of the biggest managers, we can spot the hidden gems that are too small to interest the large groups but often deliver the best returns.

Isn’t self investment cheaper?

Probably not once you take account of your own time. Use our unique calculator to check out how much self investment really costs.

Benefit from personal advice

EQ provides you with regulated advice – to ensure that your portfolio is suitable for your needs and give you maximum regulatory protection.Tell us about yourself – online, over the phone, or drop in to see us. We’ll conduct a fact-finding exercise to measure affordability, assess your attitude to risk, and then recommend an investment portfolio that meets your needs. And it’s not just a one-off exercise. We’ll invite you to review your objectives and risk tolerance annually. If these change then we can recommend a change of portfolio, with no transaction costs involved.If your circumstances change in the future and you need access to a wider range of services then EQ, as a long established Chartered Financial Planning firm, can provide this.
Simply EQ

We were answered immediately by a qualified adviser who dealt with all questions helpfully

Patrick Collinson, The Guardian

Group discounts

Family Discounts

Invest as a family to save more – we will aggregate the value of your family savings to determine the fee you pay and then ALL members of the family will pay that rate. So, if you have a portfolio of £96,000 and a child has an account worth £5,000 then you will all benefit from the rate for a portfolio greater than £100,000.

Charges: clear and well below the norm

Pay as little as £0.98 per month (based on an investment of £1,000 in the EQ Low Cost Portfolios, including fund charges and VAT). The more you invest, the more you save: pay only 0.49% per annum (including fund charges and VAT) for a Low Cost Portfolio of £1 million+.

There are no transaction charges or initial charges.

Choose from 4 investment strategies

EQ offers a choice of investment strategies. We’ve designed these to appeal to a wide range of investors. Each strategy has 10 different risk profiles to reflect your preferences and you can switch between them in the future if your views change.

Best Ideas

Best Ideas

Our signature portfolios invest in the very best ideas unearthed by our research team, unconstrained across all asset types.

Low Cost

Low Cost

The name says it all. These portfolios invest mainly in low cost funds that track the performance of stockmarket indices.

Positive Impact

Positive Impact

Not just good investments, but investments that do good. These portfolios are carefully screened for social and environmental impact.



These portfolios have been designed for those investors who have begun to withdraw funds from their portfolios.

…bright, thoughtful people

Simon Bussy, Altus

Online Service features:

  • Choice of account type: Pension (SIPP), ISA, JISA or GIA
  • Available for minimum investments of £1,000 (or £250 per month)
  • Consolidate existing ISAs and pensions to simplify your investments.– find out more
  • Check your account online 24/7, we’ll issue a statement every 6 months
  • We’ll review your risk profile every year, or earlier if your circumstances change
  • Call us whenever you like

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