Supplier Code of Conduct

As a Certified B Corporation, EQ Investors believes in business as a force for good. We are committed to socially & environmentally responsible business practices, compliance with all our legal and regulatory obligations, and ensuring that our suppliers uphold the same ethics, values and standards that we do.

We have developed this Supplier Code of Conduct to engage with our supply chain around the issues that matter to us most:

Legal obligations

We require all our suppliers to abide by the regulatory and statutory obligations specific to their organisation and industry. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you operate, this should include as a minimum all applicable laws and regulations relating to:

  • Labour and human rights laws – including the prevention of involuntary labour and human trafficking practices within any elements of your supply chain
  • Anti-Discriminatory practices
  • The health & safety of employees and others affected by your business operations
  • The prevention of bribery, corruption or fraud
  • Information security, confidentiality and data protection

Paying a Living Wage

EQ Investors is an accredited Living Wage Employer, which means that we pay (at least) the London Living Wage to all of our staff.

We believe that wages and benefits paid for a standard working week should meet (as a minimum) national legal standards and always be enough to cover basic needs and provide some discretionary income to employees.

We expect all our suppliers to pay their employees at least the Living Wage (or London Living Wage where appropriate).

Working conditions, hours and contracts

We require our suppliers to provide a safe and hygienic working environment for all their employees. This includes ensuring access to clean toilet facilities, drinking water, and (if appropriate) providing sanitary facilities for food storage.

Working hours should comply with national laws and benchmark industry standards, whichever affords greater protection to employees. Contracts of employment should meet all legal requirements in relation to working hours, days of rest, wages and benefits.

Climate change and the environment

Acting to avoid harm to the environment is core to our identity as a B Corporation. In response to the global climate emergency, we have set ourselves the ambitious target to become a ‘net zero’ carbon emissions business by 2030. To that effect, we try to ensure that all our operations take account of their environmental impacts, measure these where possible, and put in place efforts to minimise these over time. We also promote strategies that champion sustainable and ethical business practices, creating positive impacts on the environmental challenges our world faces.

As key stakeholders in our business and its impact, we encourage best environmental practice among our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to assess and measure their own environmental impact and look to reduce their carbon footprint (where possible) in all aspects of their operations.

Procurement process

In engaging with a new prospective supplier we request that they review this Code of Conduct and complete our supplier questionnaire, so we can learn more about your organisation and your core values as a business.