Welcome to EQ Workplace

We help progressive organisations design pension and employee benefits packages that complement their business objectives and that their employees both understand and appreciate.

Whatever your budget, EQ Workplace can help you:

  • Design, implement and communicate a suitable pension and benefits package
  • Review an existing package that is complex or outdated
  • Manage your trustee pension investments or charitable endowment.

We provide expert guidance to employers, business owners, directors and trustees based on decades of professional experience. Our approach is evidence-based and designed to deliver measurable improvements in productivity, employee engagement, retention, and wellbeing – ensuring that you achieve a clear financial return on your pension and benefits outlay.

Our approach is straightforward

We will help you to design and implement solutions that meet your strategic objectives and fit your organisational culture and budget now, and that can evolve to suit your changing needs: EQ Workplace: our approach Businessobjectives Employeeoutcomes Availablesolutions Implementand train Supportand review

Business objectives

We'll take time to get to know you and your business, where you are now and where you're headed.

Employee outcomes

We'll agree on a set of priorities for your people.

Available solutions

We'll assess the options available in the market and present you with a recommendation.

Implement and train

We'll make it happen with the right combination of people, process and technology.

Support and review

We'll set up a regular review process to make sure that you and your staff stay on track.


EQ Workplace considers each client’s needs with an open mind. We work with you to create a pension and benefits package that supports your business culture and is understood and valued by employees. We will work within your budget, address your priorities and seek out the simplest solution to keep running cost (time and money) down. Our modular services and fees are set out clearly – giving you clarity over your pension and benefits expenditure (i.e. no nasty surprises at the end of the year).

EQ works with clients to achieve a tailored pension and benefits package, within budget, that will:

  • Complement your business objectives
  • Meet the needs of your employees
  • Be understood and highly valued by your staff
  • Be capable of enhancement or change in future to suit the evolving workforce profile, budget available, and legislative updates
  • Help you to attract, retain and motivate high calibre staff.

Group pensions

For all but the smallest employers and new business start-ups, automatic enrolment and workplace pensions will already be in place and very much ‘business as usual’. There is, however, a definite need to carry out thorough regular reviews to ensure that:

  • Your company complies with the latest regulations
  • Your pension provider/vehicle is competitive
  • The default investment fund is suitable
  • Contribution levels are adequate
  • Administration is straightforward and efficient
  • Higher earners understand the Annual Allowance and contribution tapering pitfalls
  • Employees with large existing pension funds accumulated in current and previous jobs understand whether they are likely to reach the Lifetime Limit
  • Employees approaching retirement are provided with suitable information and guidance, and financial advice where necessary
  • Your pension communications programme is achieving the desired results (i.e. a high level of employee understanding and appreciation).

Risk & healthcare benefits

Group Life Assurance; Group Income Protection and Group Private Medical Insurance schemes typically form the core package alongside the workplace pension for many employers. We can review existing arrangements to ensure that cover levels are adequate and insurer terms competitive. We will also take over, manage and provide annual reviews for existing schemes, and assist with claims handling.

Critical Illness cover is often provided as part of a flexible benefits package alongside dental and cash plans. We can also provide advice on these benefits, carry out market reviews and manage ongoing services.

Employee communications & flexible benefits

If your organisation is providing a workplace pension and other benefits it makes sense to ensure that employees understand the value of the package. If you are not confident that your employees really understand the benefits you provide or appreciate the value, then a structured benefits communications programme will ensure that you extract value for your expenditure.

EQ will tailor an employee communications programme to suit your precise needs, combining:

  • On site tailored topical presentations
  • Annual review presentations
  • One-to-one drop in ‘surgeries’ for employee pension and benefit queries
  • Telephone and e-mail helpline for benefit queries
  • Regular financial education and topical bulletins
  • In depth technical workshops or ‘lunch and learn’ sessions

Business protection

Companies often rely on a few key personnel to generate a large proportion of their business revenue; manage large client relationships; or provide unique skills or expertise that would be impossible to replace internally if they fell ill or suffered an unexpected accident. The loss of such an individual, even temporarily, can seriously impact on profitability. These individuals are often (but not always) the directors, key sales staff, or business owner-managers.

EQ can assist with identifying and assessing a company’s business protection needs and provide solutions that protect the business and shareholders in the event of the loss of a key individual.

Financial planning for employees

Certain employees may need specific tailored advice if they have accumulated large pension funds over their lifetime; are high earners; are approaching retirement; or are being made redundant. Our team of Chartered Financial Planners provides individual financial planning advice that can be employer-led or initiated by employees who have identified that they have a potential pension/benefit planning issue. These services are useful tools for employers to engage, recruit and retain key staff and assist with internal succession planning.

EQ’s advisory team provides advice on:

  • Annual and Lifetime Allowances
  • Retirement planning
  • Pre/post retirement pension benefit withdrawal
  • Tax planning for investments
  • Protection
  • Redundancy counselling
  • Life planning

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide a structured guidance and/or advisory service for your employees.

Investment consulting

Our Bespoke team are able to design portfolios to suit the special needs of charities. We can also help with providing governance items such as Investment Policy documents and advise trustees about safe long term withdrawal rates.

In the current low yield environment many charities have struggled to achieve an adequate level of income to support their core activities. EQ can help develop a Total Return investment approach which allows natural income to be supplemented by capital growth. Alternatively we can provide an Absolute Return approach for trustees who are keen to reduce portfolio volatility or utilise our expertise with Positive Impact Portfolios for those who wish to invest ethically.

In each case our solution will be tailored to suit the specific needs of the organisation.

  1. Asset/liability modelling
  2. Setting objectives and constraints
  3. Manager structure
  4. Manager research
  5. Transition management
  6. Monitoring and reporting