EQ Climate Action Portfolios: our 2023 progress report

Time for action – climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying.

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail   by Ben Faulkner, 2nd October 2023

EQ Investors (EQ), has published the first annual report for its EQ Climate Action portfolio strategy, highlighting the commitments made on its three climate objectives: engagement, carbon reduction and climate solutions.

The report stresses the need for action, whilst also presenting the opportunity for investors too. Through the portfolios, investors can gain exposure to companies developing innovative solutions to mitigate the damage, such as renewable energy technology that allows electricity grids to become greener.

Additionally, the portfolios are compared to traditional investments, with the difference clear. The EQ Climate Action strategy invests in more companies that show climate leadership, evidenced by higher alignment to companies that are low carbon leaders, climate solutions or transition leaders.

Sophie Kennedy, Joint-CEO at EQ, commented:

“Climate change presents an immediate, systemic, and material risk to the ecological, societal, and financial stability of every economy and country on the planet. It has direct implications for our clients and their beneficiaries.

“Our first progress report is a further piece of the puzzle in our efforts to contribute to fighting climate change. They give us a clear view of our commitment in achieving the objectives of the EQ Climate Action Portfolios and, we can ensure that the companies we invest in are taking action to enable the low carbon transition and effective adaptation.

“From now on, we’ll disclose climate-related information on these portfolios every year, while continuously improving the disclosures as the quality and availability of data progress.”

You can download a copy of the report from the Adviser Resources section.

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