EQ’s Joint CEO, Sophie Kennedy joins new FCA Sustainability Group

Members of FCA sustainability working group revealed.

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail   by Ben Faulkner, 12th March 2024

The Advisers’ Sustainability Group (ASG), recently established by the FCA to develop good practice guidance for financial advisers has announced its founding membership.

The regulator says it convened the group to support the industry in advising consumers on products making claims about sustainability. The group membership is drawn from across the industry. The working group will also engage with stakeholders outside of the group to ensure a balanced representation of views, including those of consumers.

Daniel Godfrey, Chair said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and encouragement we’ve received from all stakeholder groups in the advice ecosystem. In addition to the excellent team, we’ve announced today, we’ve had great conversations with many in the advice community who are keen to help with our work as we get underway.

“The ASG is entirely focused on its mission of developing guidance that helps advisers deliver advice on sustainability matters and leads to better outcomes for consumers.”

Julia Dreblow, Vice Chair added: “This group is a phenomenally strong ‘coalition of the willing’.  It is intentionally representative of a wide range of adviser, planner and wealth manager interests and views – as well as of the core services advisers rely on.

We are very much looking forward to moving forward as swiftly as possible, and to involving many others who have offered assistance.”

The Advisers’ Sustainability Group includes:

  • Daniel Godfrey, Chair
  • Julia Dreblow, Vice-Chair, Director, SRI Services
  • Maja Erceg, Secretariat, PIMFA
  • Danby Bloch, Head of Editorial Strategy, Platforum
  • Amy Clarke, Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer, Tribe Impact Capital
  • Lee Coates, Director, ESG Accord
  • Seb Elwell, Director, Switchfoot Wealth
  • Paris Jordan, Head of Responsible Investing, Charles Stanley
  • Sophie Kennedy, Joint CEO, EQ Investors
  • Dr Robin Keyte, Director, Keyte Chartered Financial Planners
  • Rebecca Kowalski, Director, Overstory Finance
  • Don MacIntyre, CEO, Personal Finance Society
  • Andrew McMillan, Co-Founder and CEO, Nova Wealth Management
  • Adam Owen, Director and Head of Content, NextGen Planners
  • Dan Russell, Managing Director, Fintel
  • Gemma Woodward, Head of Responsible Investment, Quilter Cheviot

Further information on the ASG, the Group’s Terms of Reference and future updates can be found on the PIMFA website at: https://advisersustainability.sites.pimfa.uk

The FCA’s announcement can be found at: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/news-stories/fca-establishes-industry-led-working-group-financial-advisers

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