Webinar: fighting the pandemic

Many of the companies in the EQ Positive Impact portfolios supply essential products and services into healthcare systems worldwide, and some have been directly involved in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. We recorded this webinar to give investors some insight into how investing in healthcare can really make a difference on the ground.

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Why are we focusing on healthcare?

Healthcare investments are a large part of the Positive Impact portfolios. We hold investments in medical equipment manufacturers, medical research companies, biotechnology firms, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies and care homes. In fact, when we mapped all of our underlying investments against the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our latest impact report, 20% contribute directly to Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being – more than any other Goal.

Recorded on 27 October 2020, this webinar brings together a unique panel of leaders to help you understand how we invest in healthcare, and what this means on the ground.

You’ll hear from:

  • Damien Lardoux and Louisiana Salge from EQ Investors, introducing some of the key findings from our impact report.
  • Campe Goodman and Jennifer Soule from Wellington Management, explaining how they identify fixed income investments that make a positive impact as well as financial return.
  • Kate Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of Boston Medical Center, showcasing the incredible work that just one of our underlying investments is doing to support medical patients in Boston, MA.

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