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6 October 2021

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Guide: Awards super six for EQ Investors in September

EQ Investors has picked up six industry accolades over the course of the last month.

We are celebrating a series of award successes based on our sustainable investing approach, community focus, and the work of The EQ Foundation.

The roll of honour:

  1. Money Marketing Awards: ‘Best ESG Advice firm’
  2. Money Marketing Awards: ‘Charity Champion of the Year’
  3. Investment Week Sustainable & ESG Awards: ‘Best Sustainable & ESG Wealth Manager/DFM Group
  4. Global Good Awards: ‘Community Investment Award (SME)’
  5. UK Platform Awards: ‘Leading Adviser for ESG Investment’
  6. UK Platforms Awards: ‘Leading Adviser Business’

After the hiatus imposed on us all by the pandemic it was an absolute pleasure to be out and amongst friends and colleagues at the award ceremonies, with a real buzz around each evening.

Below are the judge’s summaries of why we collected the two Money Marketing awards.

Best ESG Advice Firm

The judges were highly impressed by the quality of the shortlisted firms for this category and picking the winner took a lot of deliberation.

EQ Investors took the top spot, however, with the panel praising the company’s process for fund selection and portfolio construction, its data driven tools and its approach to educating both staff members and clients on the impact of their financial decisions.

Several judges admired the fact EQ Investors had identified the inherent weaknesses of ESG as an output. One said: “It’s collaboration with non-governmental organisations is welcome and unique, and shows that firms can take an active and activist role in helping bring about the systemic change we need.”

Charity Champion of the Year

The judges were impressed by this submission for Charity Champion of the Year from beginning to end.

In particular, the panel admired the way The EQ Foundation’s charity website ( provided almost real-time information on nearly 200,000 charities. This enabled donors to see where their money was going and assess how it might be sent.

This approach was called a ‘game changer’ by our judges because it reconnected the act of donating money with the ability to check if the donation had been effective. No other submission had such a sophisticated approach to charitable donations.

The judges were also impressed by the Tythe app, which digitally connects givers with their chosen charity. One advantage it has is that charities do not have direct contact with the giver, which should avoid spamming.

The panel felt The EQ Foundation offered a glimpse of charity giving in the future.

Building a more inclusive and sustainable economy

At EQ, the ethos of the firm puts sustainability at the heart of all our decisions and we’re thrilled that our efforts in doing this have been recognised.


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