Free guides

EQ's award winning technical team have produced a range of guides to help investors make better use of their money

Giving is great

A handbook to help philanthropists make better decisions when supporting charities and social enterprises.

How to buy protection insurance

Protection should always be considered as part of an effective financial plan. Nobody knows what the future holds and uncertainty can be scary.

Impact report 2018 – EQ Positive Impact Portfolios

From day one, our ambition for the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios has been to show that every investor can make a positive impact through their investments. We are constantly looking to improve how we report on impact, and we are pleased to share our latest findings in this, our second impact report.

Know your options at retirement

Are you on track for retirement? The purpose of this guide is to help you think through some of the options you need to consider as you think about this transition and find the best way to fund the retirement you want.

10 Employee Benefit Priorities

Confused about employee benefits? Here are ten steps to help you to achieve an engaged workforce.

Impact report 2017 – EQ Positive Impact Portfolios

In our first impact report of the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios we take an overall look at their achievements in delivering social, environmental, and financial returns.

Investing tips for young professionals

The list of excuses for not investing is endless, especially for young professionals immersed in their careers. “It’s too risky” or “I don’t have time to worry about that now” are common. The irony is that the biggest risk lies in not investing at all.

10 Tips for Investing a Windfall

Coming into money isn’t something that happens often. Before you commit yourself to spending, investing, giving gifts or even giving up your job, here are some tips on how to make your windfall work for you in the long run.

Financial life planning

Saving Inheritance Tax (IHT)

This guide explains how planning ahead of time can provide for – and in most cases reduce – the amount of tax that is ultimately due on your estate.

Spring Clean Your Finances

When it comes to money, it is fairly easy to get so entangled in the jargon that you lose sight of basic sound financial planning principles. This guide provides some pointers on important steps to take, and a few pitfalls to avoid, along the road to a healthy financial future.

The Guide to Hipster Money

EQ has co-sponsored 'The Guide to Hipster Money' - a great initiative to boost the financial health of young people today.

The Good Guide to Finances at 40

If you're around 40 years old and thinking about your financial future, then this guide is for you! We often find this is an age when people start thinking seriously about their retirement options, and may reach out to a financial adviser for the first time.

Investing for Children

Parents and grandparents have tried to provide a financial boost for their offspring for many generations - it’s part of our DNA. Today, the need has never been greater: our children are facing a perfect storm of financial adversity.

Low Cost Portfolios

EQ's Low Cost Portfolios are built mainly from passively managed tracker funds and so offer the benefit of low charges and high confidence of replicating index returns.

Investing made easy

Our online and phone based service brings expert advice and professional portfolio management to clients. ISA and pension wrappers are available and charges are highly competitive. Investing with EQ is as easy as 1-2-3...