Free guides

EQ's award-winning technical team have produced a range of investment and personal finance guides to help you make the most of your money.

EQ Giving

EQ Giving summarises some of the work we do in the community through our registered charity The EQ Foundation, staff volunteering and our Matched Giving scheme for staff and clients.

Guide to Greenwashing

We've sponsored a new guide to greenwashing in partnership with New Money.

Positive Impact Report 2019

Welcome to the latest issue of our annual review of the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios. In the last year we’ve achieved more positive impact than ever before and we are seeing an increasingly responsive corporate community, leading to better data and more focus on achieving change for the better. We are also pleased to have maintained our record of strong investment performance.

The New Money pension manual

Do you know where your pension funds are going? We've sponsored a new guide by New Money which aims to show every single saver and investor that they can affect positive change through their financial decisions.

Student Money Guide

The university student's guide to personal finance.

10 ways to spring clean your finances

With the tax season in the rear view mirror, Spring is a great time to give your finances a once-over and take a fresh look at your financial well-being.

Introducing EQ

How can we help you? EQ is a staff-owned chartered financial planning firm that offers a full range of life planning and financial advisory services for individuals, families, trustees, attorneys, directors and business owners.

The good guide to impact investing

EQ has co-sponsored 'The good guide to impact investing', a free guide for investors interested in making a positive impact with their money.

What to expect when you are investing

Whether you are investing money for the first time or have a wealth of experience it is helpful to go back to basics from time to time.

Giving is great

A handbook to help donors make better decisions when supporting charities and social enterprises.

How to buy protection insurance

Protection should always be considered as part of an effective financial plan. Nobody knows what the future holds and uncertainty can be scary.

Impact report 2018 – EQ Positive Impact Portfolios

From day one, our ambition for the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios has been to show that every investor can make a positive impact through their investments. We are constantly looking to improve how we report on impact, and we are pleased to share our latest findings in this, our second impact report.

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

This guide explains how estate planning can provide for – and in most cases reduce – the amount of inheritance tax that is ultimately due on your estate.

Know your options at retirement

Are you on track for retirement? The purpose of this guide is to help you think through some of the options you need to consider as you think about this transition and find the best way to fund the retirement you want.

Investing tips for young professionals

The list of excuses for not investing is endless, especially for young professionals immersed in their careers. “It’s too risky” or “I don’t have time to worry about that now” are common. The irony is that the biggest risk lies in not investing at all.

10 Tips for Investing a Windfall

Coming into money isn’t something that happens often. Before you commit yourself to spending, investing, giving gifts or even giving up your job, here are some tips on how to make your windfall work for you in the long run.